WLK - Katedra i Zakład Fizjologii

Neuroscience Course

Objectives & Rules



The Neuroscience programme aims towards an integrated modern understanding of the human nervous system, with the special emphasis on functional aspects of nervous system organization, as well as to have students to apply this knowledge to problems and case studies relevant to clinical neuroscience.




  1. Neuroscience course covers 1 semester and includes lectures and seminars.
  2. All classes are obligatory. Only illness proved by a doctor or similar serious excused absence is allowed. Excuse must be provided within a week following the absence. All excused absences have to be made up according to teacher’s decision.
  3. Students are assessed in a test form. There are 3 small tests (multiple-choice, 20 questions each, four distractors, one correct answer). Signed and filled answer card is the only document taken under consideration for the evaluation of the test. Test results (in coded form) are announced the next day on Departmental website. Tests are discussed and viewed during following class.
  4. There are no re-takes of small tests. Students should participate in all of them. The only possibility to take the test later is an excuse as written in p. 2.
  5. Credit is based on proper attendance (see p. 2) and test results (average of all tests must be at least 65%). Students, who do not reach the 65% level, have to pass the midterm/endterm (credit) test. There are two terms of this test (i.e. one re-take).
  6. Final exam consists of 80 questions. First retake consists of 70 questions, and second retake – of 60.
  7. Final grade is based on the result of the exam (A – >85%, B – 76-84%, C – 65-75%, F – 80%; C – 65-79%; F –
  8. Students have to appear on time for classes. Late-coming of more than 15 min. is considered as unexcused absence.
  9. Students have to be prepared for classes.
  10. Students have right to view their small tests as well as all answer sheets under supervision of the teacher.
  11. Students have right to consult with the teacher at given office hours.
  12. Exemption from the course is possible under the following conditions:
    • student has completed course of corresponding program with the same or more number of hours not earlier than two years before beginning education at Medical University of Silesia
    • student has passed the final exam at first attempt with the final grade at least B
    • student positively passes the short oral exam led by the chief of the course