WLK - Katedra i Zakład Fizjologii

Exam rules

Rules for the Conduct of Examinations at the Department of Physiology

1.      No person will be allowed in an examination room during an examination except the
         students concerned and those supervising the examination.

2.      Students must present on time and take seats according to the numbers provided by
supervising teacher.

3.      Students bring nothing to the exam – pencils are provided.

4.      All overcoats must be left in the cloakroom. Bags and all other personal items, including
         turned off cell phones, are stored at the entrance to the exam hall.
All watches and timepieces
         on desks will  be checked. Examinees are not allowed to reach into the pockets or any part
         of their clothes until the exam is over.

5.      Examinees shall not communicate with one another in any manner whatsoever during the 
         examination. Examinees may not leave the examination room unescorted for any reason, and
         this includes using the washroom.

6.      No materials (books, class notes, aid sheets etc.) or electronic devices (cellular telephones,
laptop computers, tablets, smartwatches etc.) shall be used or viewed during an examination.

7.      Examinees who possess any unauthorized materials or electronic devices at the exam seat
while the examination is in progress - or who assist or obtain assistance from other
         candidates or from any unauthorized source - are liable to penalties, i.e.
         termination and failing of the exam. Official note of such accident is addressed to the Dean.

8.      In general, students will not be permitted to enter an examination room later than fifteen
         minutes after the commencement of the examination, nor to leave except under supervision
         until at least half an hour after the examination has commenced.

9.      Candidates shall remain seated at their desks during the final ten minutes of the

10.    Examination books and other material issued for the examination shall not be removed from
         the examination room except by authority of the supervising teacher.